Space Tourbillon Watches

Swiss inspired space whirlpool (Tourbillon) -  combination of transliteration and free translation from 1795.

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Best Space Tourbillon Watches - accuracy, luxury and statement for the status.

Wow! Such a beautiful piece! This is solid. Beautiful packaging, very nice box, and an extra strap in black color. This watch is gorgeous! I really and really like the tourbillon for this money, it's just utopia.

Gordon L. Potts

Original tourbillon mechanical watch, double sapphire material mirror, is a very luxurious watch, packaging very luxurious, is a wooden box, very satisfied.

Robert Bueno

I check on atomic in two weeks run for 20 seconds. the power reserve is about 44 H,  the plant mechanism has no friction. the case is an absolute classic, naturally polished steel. The Tourbillon is large and the balance wheel is also, but as thin and lightweight as possible, plus to the accuracy of the stroke. it is a real Tourbillon, not a pathetic imitation!

Lev Vladislavovich

‏Tourbillon Watches‏

‏French for “whirlpool”, the Tourbillon watch has been a status symbol since it was introduced to the public. A luxury that only the very wealthy could afford, Tourbillon watches are a beautiful and eye catching piece of jewelry, much too beautiful to be called a simple timepiece. ‏

‏What makes the Tourbillon watch such an accurate timepiece and symbol of luxury? Simple mechanics. There is an addition to the watch escapement that increases the accuracy, while adding an element of space aged mechanical function that is nearly as mesmerizing as it is beautiful. ‏

‏Tourbillon watches have an escapement and balance wheel that are mounted inside of a rotating cage that actually negate the effects of gravity. When the watch is stuck in a certain position, by continuously rotating the entire balance wheel and escapement assembly at a rate of about 1 rpm, the positional errors are evened out, and the watch doesn’t lose time even with the timepiece frozen in an impossible gridlocked position. ‏

‏The Space Tourbillon Watch line brings a zero friction mechanism and naturally polished steel symbol of luxury to your wrist for an outstanding look and performance that can’t be found in any other watch. There are 3 to choose from, or you can own all three of them for a collection that you’ll be proud to wear to all of the most important events in your life. ‏

‏The Black Hole Space Tourbillon watch is the ultimate business Space Tourbillon watch. A classic black leather band ensures that this watch isn’t a flashy replica; this is a genuine, luxurious Tourbillon watch that will make you the envy of the office. ‏

‏The Luxury Edition Space Tourbillon watch, The Hubble, is arguably a nod to the Swiss timepieces that brought the Tourbillon watch the fame it has held for so long. As though not to be upstaged by its relatives, the Planet is a lesson in classic Tourbillon watch beauty. Available in multiple dial hues including slate gray and sapphire, one glance at your wrist is enough to remind you why Tourbillon watches have been associated with luxury and unattainable status for their existence. ‏

‏The Space Tourbillon watch collection offers multiple choices in the encasement alloy. You have brushed steel, rose gold, and the classic yellow gold. However, the customization options don’t end there, as one might expect them to. When you pay for luxury, you pay for choices. You also have your choice of alloys for the dial; carbon black steel, slate gray steel, brushed nickel, rose gold, and classic yellow gold.‏

‏One look at the back of this timepiece will nearly mesmerize you; or, for the mechanically inclined, fully have you entranced. When you observe the inner workings of any timepiece, the mastery of the mechanics strike you. When you observe the inner workings of a Tourbillon watch, you realize that the mechanics of this timepiece are a work of art. The ability to watch the individual gears and pins as they advance is exactly what sets a luxury timepiece apart. This isn’t a simple dial churning away on a plate, these are individually operating gears, functioning independently, yet in conjunction with one another. The beauty of this isn’t lost on even the most casual watch wearer. ‏

‏The Space Tourbillon collection is very much like watching the alignment and revolution of the solar system at work. Although the independent planet spins on its axis, it’s also in a constant revolution of the sun. The watches in the collection operate in very much the same fashion, and with the same effortless beauty. ‏

‏Each of the Space Tourbillon collection of watches comes with an additional leather band, giving you one in Mahogany, and one in black. You’ll receive your watch in a wooden box for storage. These luxury 10K watches aren’t for a casual timepiece wearer; one glance at your wrist will let it be known you have a love for the look and function of luxury timepieces. ‏

‏Choose the Black Hole Edition for an everyday effortless slice of status. From the office to the client dinner, your Space Tourbillon watch glides from work to play with the ease that only an exceptional level of class will allow. The Hubble Edition is a luxurious decision in watches, and an upscale decision in timepieces. For the timeless timepiece, the Planet Edition breathes classic and exudes confidence. ‏

‏No matter which of the Space Tourbillon collection you decide must be yours, it is undoubtedly going to look like a symbol of the success you have created for yourself. You can’t miss the absolute look of classic and tactful wealth, with none of the brash or flashy show. This collection of watches is unparalleled in class and tact, while just enough eye-catching beauty makes your timepiece a statement and a conversation starter.