A Better Light Onto the Double Tourbillon

We’re gonna be taking a look at the Double Tourbillon watches history Breguet classy complications double turbulence now this particular model is the reference 5 3 4 7 BR and this comes in a beautiful rose gold case with a slate gray dial so right away I’m gonna actually go over the case of this walk before I get into that two beautiful tours beyond so the case as you can see is really classic Breguet design it has the classic Breguet lugs and it has the beautiful coin edging going all the way around the case and as well as some perfect polish around the bezel and on the sides of the case and on the lugs, the finishing on this watch is absolutely stunning definitely top-notch hot horology level it is very very beautiful watches so now actually let’s move on to the dial with that beautiful dual tour beyond.

Double Tourbillon Watches Design

So the dial is classic reggae design you can see the beautiful Gaeta Shea and there are many different kinds of finishing on the style and that’s one thing I love about all brigades they really really make their dials stand out from the crowd now this one comes in the slate gray configuration and you can see that the goosh a is just this beautiful grey shade I really love the shade they pick does it accents the stainless steel very very nicely at first I thought to mix white stainless steel with a gray dial might not look that good but this looks absolutely fantastic and I think I like this one better than just the all kind of stainless steel color dial so the dual turbulence as you can see the various videos available on the Internet about the double tourbillon watches.

Main Features of Double Tourbillon Watches

I definitely thought the main feature of the Double Tourbillon watches dial and you can actually see that they make up the hour hand so the hour hand actually starts down at this to Ramanan goes to the end and ends with the second terbium so the second to be on where it’s gold that is actually with the hour hand is pointing to and then you can see how this is just steel so it isn’t so you won’t get confused between which side is actually working the hour so what’s really cool about that is the dial will actually turn throughout a day because there Dorian’s are connected the hour hand and how else would you move the turbulence you have to move the dial so when you’re actually setting the watch you get the coolest motion I have ever seen on a watch I mean it’s absolutely beautiful you can see those two Tribune’s this kind of orbit around the center and it looks fantastic you can see the beautiful Berg a minute hand as well the legibility on the style of double tourbillon watch. I think is pretty well pretty good just because you the large two reveals really make that our hand stick out and then the minute hand contrasts nicely on the grave dial so now let’s go to the case back and see what you can see in the back of this watch so the back of this watch has this beautiful hand engraving and they actually make it almost like a solar system which is just very very interesting you don’t see on many other watches you can see Earth is right there and they actually did engrave the continents to scale perfectly there you can see Saturn and you can see some asteroids it’s fantastic you can see there’s even a brigade down there I mean I have never seen a case back like this it just is absolutely stunning and then you can see the rose gold parts of the actual movement in the center.