A Brief Entry About the Tourbillon Movement

As with all Tourbillon Movement, there is power which is delivered to the cage which wants to make the cage rotate and that rotation is timed by the escapement The functioning of the Tourbillon watch inside a round wheel called a turbine cage to obey all means whirlwind in French by rotating the escapement all positional errors are averaged the carousel follows the same objective Barney Bohr Nixon a Danish watchmaker living in London.

Mechanism of Tourbillon

The original design in a significant and cost effect in manner a tourbillon movement could at this point happily tick within five seconds a day Tourbillon watches dial and you can actually see that they make up the hour hand so the hour hand actually starts down at this to Ramanan goes to the end and ends with the second terbium so the second to be on where it’s gold that is actually with the hour hand is pointing to and then you can see how this is just steel so it isn’t so you won’t get confused between which side is actually working the hour so what’s really cool about that is the dial will actually turn throughout a day because there Dorian’s are connected the hour hand and how else would you move the turbulence you have to move.

The positions of a tourbillon movement or a pocket watch can be assuming this is vertical it’s not tilted a bit back but for the camera assume this is vertical you know you have one position to position three position and four-position and then there are two more positions dial up and dial down.

Asian recruit is all about the re position of the tourbillon watch because position is is more than a science it’s a very sore it can be exact but it’s also a trick of finding the exact balance and that to me is an artist well because it’s evolved to such a state now not only is the jumping one minute a plus in terms of the display however it also helps the minute repeater mechanism because those of you who are a bit technically inclined will realize that the minute repeater mechanism as it turns so slowly according to the meeting of the balance wheel as it releases energy and light so who’s honest with us there is the chance that when you activate the mini repeater the time displayed and the chime that is sounded out may actually differ by up to one minute if it’s not completely adjusted not obviously the mihrab user switches you don’t have this problem but this provides an additional level of security and precisiontourbillon watch is not really in my wheelhouse but still as I said earlier as a watch enthusiast as a lover of watches it is extremely kind of refreshing to see a little company really mixing it up and sticking it to these overpriced luxury watch brands by releasing kind of the biggest undercut in history right I’m really really really cheap toward beyond alright now.