The Gyrotourbillon Watch: Opening the Door to the Best Classics

My Friend wearing the master Gyrotourbillon watch got this young gyro to be on Westminster perpetual which okay as the name implies it’s all in the name right so it’s a gyro to be on which is the fifth gyro to be on of this multi-axis rotating escapement from usually code the first one was in 2004 that’s right and this is the fifth one and this is only the second brass honoree with Westminster carry on chimes the first being the doormat I think in 2008 yes and it’s also got this is key by the way because it’s not really mentioned in the name.

Features & Mechanism of Gyrotourbillon

So I think people forget about it but it’s got one minute constant force of gyrotourbillon mechanism and so obviously it’s just a rim on top but the particularity of it is that it’s one minute most places that you see a remote one this kind of system would be one second because it’s all three arms and infuses at once every second car really see it but you can kind of imagine because this is a very imaginative watch as you can see and the particularity of it is that it gives the jumping one minute indication which indicates to us all of us as we know jumping jumping time this place are really in Turkey for the precision levels and the performance chronometric Lee speaking of a watch and this is why this year’s Asian recruit is all about the r2 position because position of gyrotourbillon is is more than a science it’s a very sore it can be exact but it’s also a trick of finding the exact balance and that to me is an artist well because it’s evolved to such a state now not only is the jumping one minute a plus in terms of the display however it also helps the minute repeater mechanism because those of you who are a bit technically inclined will realize that the minute repeater mechanism as it turns so slowly according to the meeting of the balance wheel as it releases energy and light so who’s honest with us there is the chance that when you activate the mini repeater the time displayed and the chime that is sounded out may actually differ by up to one minute if it’s not completely adjusted not obviously the mihrab user switches you don’t have this problem but this provides an additional level of security and precision again it’s all about the position so that normally in a conventional manner teacher mechanism we have this piece called the surprise which is kind of a excuse my language it’s a pain in the ass because it’s extra it only just one thing and it adds to the thickness of the watch now this creates from a more flat mechanism and it’s less complex it’s more elegance it’s more straightforward and it’s more precise so that’s kind of it for a majority of your westminster perpetual I kind of got there.